Monday, October 20, 2008

Abundance: Female nature or nurture?

It’s official! The banks are cashing in us! It’s less about our pay checks and credit cards, and more about our nature. They love us because we’re women! It’s our innate ability to nurture, indelibly built into our nature that they want to tap into.

Bank research amongst rural women in the Far East and in Africa reveals that women who loan money almost always pay it back, on time. Not only do they honour their deals with the bank, they honour themselves and their communities by making the money go further. Often, women will naturally spread the spoils far beyond their nuclear family. The banks have picked up on this and so are targeting women as key drivers in their business.

Our nurturing qualities are renowned; after all, most women glide effortless through our various nurturing roles without thinking. We’ve probably been socialised that way and so we slot into pre-ordained spaces from corporate hot shot to wife, mother, sister, sista-friend – the list goes on.

But let’s be real. We love it too! Even though we sometimes stress over our (in)ability to cope, our heart swells at every nurturing opportunity we get. In fact, it feeds our soul! In the giving, we are also receiving.

So, if we are born with such fabulous rainmaking talent, how come most of us are still seeking abundance? Abundance is a slippery concept at the best of times, even more so when we’re faced with doom and gloom news about global economic meltdowns at every turn.

When you look back, how did our mamas raise families of eight or ten children on one or inconsistent income? It probably has much to do with creative money stretch strategies formed on pillars of love and faith that it would be enough.

Maybe it’s because we generally look outside ourselves for ways to create abundance as opposed to tuning into our female-essence as the key. As divinely gifted rainmakers, we possess incredible power to multiply whatever we touch. Seems though that the more we touch each other, the more abundance we’ll create. So, how far do we go in offering nurturing gifts in service of each other as women?

Now that’s power! Imagine what would be possible if we consciously cultivated abundance by caring, sharing and taking time to be with each other in nurturing spaces on a regular basis. Yes, we spend time together doing a range of every-day things that may nurture our immediate needs. But imagine what focussed nurture time could create?

It’s time for us to cash in on ourselves! The banks have seen the multiplier effect, have you? When last did you give thanks for your nurturing nature as one of the most potent forces of creation? Create nurture circles and invest in collective prosperity. It’s ours for the making.

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