Monday, March 16, 2009

The gift of healing

In a few days, South African musicians will lead people from all walks of life in a day of reflection and prayer. The purpose? To use the power of song to invoke healing in us all.

These are not gospel musicians on a crusade. They are musicians representing all genres of music using their gifts in a collective exorcism of society's ills. Fittingly, the healing vigil, called 'Forgive and be Forgiven', will take place in the Freedom Park - a purpose-built monument which marks South Africa's journey to democracy.

South Africa is heading for an election in April, and the campaigning is in full swing. Not surprisingly, one party after another assaults our consciousness with slogans and slick talk. But I'm yet to hear any of them speak to the fundamental need for healing.

Oxygen Boost
Almost like an oxygen boost, I see the musicians and their healing vigil moving not for political gain but in accordance with the life essence which courses through their veins.

They, not the politicians and their mounting campaign rhetoric, will strike the chords which will touch us most deeply. Who better than a group of musicians to lead us in a clarion call to forgive and be forgiven?

It's a deep and pertinent request in these times where so many are focused on what is 'happening' to them in passive affirmation of the tough times touted by the gloom merchants.
The simplicity and power of the musicians' healing gesture reveals the capacity we all have to do something positive about the life we're experiencing each day.

From retrenchments to fears of debt collectors knocking at our door, a dangerous inertia is creeping into our consciousness. Left to fester, it blurs vision, erodes faith and disables our compassionate nature. So, what is it that you have to give?

Moral fibre
Sibongile Khumalo, the visionary behind the 'Forgive and be Forgiven' campaign, is an acclaimed South African opera singer and arts activist. A mother and a nurturer, she speaks of how the growing intolerance and degeneration of the nation's moral fibre drove her to use her gift of music to effect change.

She called on her community of fellow artistes and they have come together in potent response to the disease and anger that is stripping our hearts of love for ourselves and each other.

The healing power of song
We have all been touched by the healing power of song at some point in our lives, but when I close my eyes and imagine the spiritual combustion that will take place at the Freedom Park on Friday, March 20; I can feel divine fire burning brightly.

When you look at what's happening in the world, you realise that it's not only South Africa that needs healing. It is clear that our Earth is in dire need for us all to rediscover our gifts and to use them as an offering of gratitude to each other.

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